Mesh-based P2P Live Video Streaming with StreamComplete

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Mesh-based P2P live video streaming with streamcomplete

Journal of Mobile Multimedia – Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2009 – pp 203–237


This paper introduces STREAMCOMPLETE, a new architecture and prototype system for mesh-based P2P live video streaming; it realizes a new concept of overlay network’s management as well as merges the best practices of tree- and mesh-based approaches. STREAMCOMPLETE creates a dynamic overlay network that optimizes itself on the basis of local conditions of peers. We have extensively evaluated the performance and the behavior of STREAMCOMPLETE over the PlanetLab. Our experiments demonstrate the ability of peers in managing the overlay network with autonomic behavior in case of network changes. Furthermore the system is scalable w.r.t. the cardinality of the overlay network, by requiring very few control traffic.